Asked Questions


When will my order be delivered?

We ship out our packages within 48 hours. If you're living in Western Europe (The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Austria, France,..)
You'll usually receive your package in 1 - 4 days. Outside the EU this can take up from 4 till 10 days. In the EU and USA we use ground transportation to save on costs and, as much important, the environment. 

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. Our fulfillment partners are located in EU (Netherlands) and the USA, providing fair and friendly shipping of orders in these zones. Unfortunately, shipping to other countries is a lot more costly. Mainly due to HULKIs  average weight of 6 kilograms. Feel free to use the Shipping Calculator on our Checkout page to see shipping charges to your country or see our International Shipping Rates page.

How big is an assembled HULKI?

HULKI Turtle is big (XXL) and the floor space it takes is comprehensive. The HULKI Owl (L) and HULKI Piglet (M) are more descent in size and should fit an average bedroom.  Please take a closer look at the sizing chart below.

(Coming soon)
  • M
  • 4,5kg
  • L 106 cm
  • W 82cm
  • H 95 cm
  • L
  • 5,5kg
  • L 110 cm
  • W 100 cm
  • H 105 cm
  • XL
  • 6kg
  • L 170 cm
  • W 120 cm
  • H 70 cm
  • XXL
  • 7kg
  • L 190 cm
  • W 150 cm
  • H 82 cm

Dutch design made in the Netherlands

All printing, die-cutting and packaging of HULKIs are done in the Netherlands.
The main reason we prefer to manufacture in the Netherlands, is the environmentally-safe material available to us. We strive to guarantee safety, fairness and dignity for all people involved in our production circle.

HULKIs are how strong?

Strong! HULKIs are built to withstand wear and tear from children.
All HULKIs are made of beautiful ultra-strong, double layered, special corrugated cardboard! This really is cardboard on steroids! Watch for yourself how strong 4 mm cardboard can be in our weight comparison test below. This material is not used in any other product on the market so far.

Do you use plastic in your products?

No. Let’s be real. Plastic is a trend that’s simply not coming back into style. 
Many plastic toys and plastic playhouses end up clogging landfills. If a sustainable world is what we’re looking for, we need to start hopping on the bandwagon for eco-friendly toys. 
Let’s act green and simply recycle when the fun is over.

Who are HULKIs for?

Kids from ages 3 to 7 with parents, grand-parents, or cousins that are willing to spoil them with a cool, eco-friendly playhouse. Important Note - HULKIs are not suitable for children under age 3 due to small parts.


HULKIs are easy to assemble. To make sure assembly goes as smoothly as possible, all HULKIs come with a YouTube video that gives visual step-by-step instructions with audio guidance. Average assembly times are as follows... 
Owl:     10 - 15 minutes 
Whale: 10 - 20 minutes
Turtle:  15 - 30 minutes

Watch the demo video here to see how assembly is done.


How can I return my HULKI?

Returning a HULKI is possible, but strictly tied to the following conditions:
Products need to be NEW with NO pieces folded.
In other words, opening the box and (trying) setting up your HULKI means it cannot be returned. We have to be strict as we can't sell that specific item again.

Imagine yourself opening a box where all parts are pre-folded... we hope you understand. Sorry.

Products can only be returned within 30 days of the original delivery date.
If the box is still un-opened, simply return in original shipping packaging with proper protection around.

Send us an email for instructions on how to address your return package: returns@hulki.nl

When will my money be refunded?

When your return has been accepted, we will issue a credit note for the original purchase price of the returned goods only. This does not include any shipping charges.

Credit payments can take up to 14 days after receiving the return package.



Supervise children at all time! This product is not intended for use by children under 3 years of age. Supervision should be given by a responsible adult at all times. When supervision is not available, store your HULKI out of reach of children.


Never place your HULKI on a wet surface. Corrugated cardboard is not water resistant, so it must be protected from rain, mist and morning dew. The product is designed to be installed on a level surface by an adult with an adult helper. Children should not help install this product. Choose a site indoors or outdoors free of obstacles that could cause injuries.

Safety while playing

Children should not climb on the product at any time. Children must not use the product until it has been completely assembled and inspected by an adult to insure all parts are in position. Supervisors must make sure children do not shove head, arms, feet or legs through shutters or holes at any time. Failure to do so may result in safety violations that could result in injury.


Can I become a Reseller?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a retailer of HULKI products. We will be entertaining a wider distribution in the not too distant future. If you think HULKI would be right for your shop or franchise, please contact us and send your details to sales@hulki.nl